All About Newborn Sessions

I am honored to be thought of for the newborn session!  As for the pandemic/germs in our community, it seems like day to day we keep learning new things about the virus. I am daily amending the way I view the procedures I put into place. For now, this is what my newborn sessions look like:

- No shoes in the studio (you are welcome to wear socks or something comfortable that is washable)

- I ask you wash your hands when you arrive

- I wear a mask the entire time

- I wear gloves the entire time (and change them throughout the session)

- I wear medical scrubs (I change into them when I enter the studio)

- The studio is professionally cleaned prior to the session

- I have installed an air filtration system that scrubs the air every 30 minutes that removes pollen, viruses and other allergens

- The studio is spaced out 24 hours between clients.

I have consulted with different medical professionals across the Bay Area that are currently working with COVID positive patients and have confirmed the measures I am talking to both keep my family and my clients safe.

I would ask, if anyone who plans to attend our session has the following, to have them stay home:

- Active cough or shortness of breath (even if it is allergies)

- Have had a fever in the last 10 days

- Has visited someone in a Skilled Nursing Facility, Board and Care Homes, and/or Assisted Living Communities/Homes in the last two weeks

- Have any cold or flu-like symptoms

- Returned from travel outside the state in the last 14 days

- Exposed to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 (without full PPE)

With regard to the steps I am taking for keeping the studio sanitized, for the complete list, please visit. I would like to add that I have already received both my first, second and both booster Covid vaccines and am fully immunized.

Newborn sessions take place when a little one is 4 - 12 days old.

Prior to booking a session it is important to share if your Dr talked about any of the following: - C-section

- Moving your due date

- If you are dilated

- Thinking you will have the baby early

- Inducing

I find it is best to book a few days around a moms due to insure we have our session within the ideal 4 - 12 day window of time.

For information for booking and what comes with the session you can please visit:

Click Here For Booking

I would suggest finding a session that is close to your due date, I will then follow up with a second penciled in date so we are covered for time just before and just after your due date. 

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