All about one year sessions

Thank you for thinking of me for your little ones one year photo session, I am be honored to be thought of.

With regard to the pandemic/germs in our community, even if vaccinated, I ask, if anyone has any of the follow that we reschedule:

- Active cough or shortness of breath (even if it is allergies)

- Have had a fever in the last 7 days

- Have any cold or flu-like symptoms

- Exposed to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 (without full PPE)

With regard to the steps I am taking for keeping the studio sanitized, for the complete list,  Click Here. I would like to add that I have already received both my first, second and both boosters am fully immunized. As the CDC and local guidelines change, I will be looking to additionally amend. With working with a vulnerable population I need to continue to error on the side of caution.

In the link below it will explain more about options for our session, however, for additional information, below is a brief overview:

If you book at the weekday discounted rate of $350 or the weekend standard pricing of $450 it includes the following:

o Set 1: non-themed solo set of kiddo with non-themed backdrop (Example of a Non-Themed )

o Set 2: Parents with birthday kiddo, family of three, each parent with kiddo

o Set 3: Birthday kiddo in a white seamless paper backdrop with a basic β€œ1” or β€œone” . An example of an all-white basic one year set looks like this: Example 1 and Example 2.

If you wanted to upgrade the one year set to not be all-white, please share the theme idea (either something I have done in the past or something you have seen prior) and would be happy to share if it I within my skillset and something I would be able to recreate. Most sets are a $50 upgrade fee, however, it is based on complexity.

For information for booking, what comes with the session and current availability:

Click Here

Some families like to have the session 3 weeks prior to the birthday or closer to the birthday date. It depends on what you hope to do with the photos. I offer both weekday and weekend options. I do ask when thinking of a start time for our session to be when your little one is fully rested, not close to a nap and will have a full tummy.

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